I’m Counting Calories, and that’s OKAY.

Hi, friends! If you have been following along you know that I am on the road to a healthy life. I’ve had 2 kids in under 3 years and the result is my body being close to 70 pounds heavier than before my first pregnancy.

In my last post I said that I would not be obsessing over the number on the scale. That’s still my game plan! I aim to only check my weight once a month. However, I am in fact counting calories. Not to starve myself, but more to have some accountability in my every day life.

I am a stress eater. And in this season of my life I am facing a lot of stress. So my idea of losing weight and getting healthy was all fine and dandy, except I wasn’t paying any attention to what I was eating, or in what quantities.

There is a mixed opinion in our society about counting calories. People warn against it because there are a lot of people who take it to the extreme. I’m using an app on my phone that makes it super simple to log what I’ve eaten each day. The app asked me a few questions to help give a safe and healthy allowance of calories. I’m using that number as a guideline.

I cannot stress enough that I am NOT starving myself.

Looking back on last week (my first week counting calories) I averaged about 2,100 calories a day. That number right there is a big thing holding me back!

This app has my daily calorie intake limit at 1,637.  That may seem like a drastic change, but it’s only about 460 calories. It predicts that if I keep my daily intake right around this number I will hit my goal weight by August. Of course I could adjust the calorie limit to speed up my end result, but that would be moving towards the unhealthy side of calorie counting.

My goal for this week is to come close to the daily limit this app has set for me, and most importantly my goal for the week is to not give up on myself.

If my posting about my journey does only one thing, I hope that it helps you realize that you can have goals for youself and you CAN accomplish them.

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